Tweens Surprise Party

Tweens Surprise Party Games & Activities

Are you planning for your tweens Birthday Party? Do you held up in finding the great ideas? Are you searching for an exciting theme? Here are the best tween birthday party ideas to surprise tweens.

Fun Games

The tweens expect their parties more excited and enthusiastic. There are n numbers of games available for kids. Invite the friends of your kids and neighbor kids to attend the birthday party. Select the most interesting and enthusiastic fun party games for tweens on their birthday.

Definitely, they enjoy the day with more fun. Indoor games and outdoor games are good for health. This birthday makes them a most cherish able day in their life.

Passing the Fruit

This game is funnier, a group of kids sat around and a fruit (e.g. an apple, orange, banana, and pomegranate) can be passed from one to another without touching them in hand. This game is really fun, enjoy watching and playing with the kids. This is the best tween birthday party ideas.

Airplane Game

Feeling bored to play the same game like last year? Airplane Game is the fun party games for tweens. Initially, all the kids are given with a set of papers, pens, markers, sketches, and drawing essentials. All kids must use their creative ideas to make a beautiful airplane.

Once the game started a whistle rings, and all kids are initiated to throw their airplane. The winner can be find by the highest, tallest, farthest, beautiful creativity in making airplane etc., Encourage the tweens by surprising prizes and gifts.

Fun Game with cards

Another interesting game for tweens party idea is playing with the cards. There are varieties of games in cards. Form a group and share the whole set of cards in the group. Check for the largest number, larger counts, highest powers and assure them they are the winners of the game.

The Second option is, share the entire card with the group allow them to clear the cards by playing. The winner will be declared from the person who gets rid first from the group. This is the real fun party games for tweens.

Third, Have a set of cards in the cards, make the other team members find what you are having in your hand is the correct card or not. You may cheat them by telling the wrong cards and holding different faces on the hand. This game is really fun and tweens enjoy playing this game.

Fun Game

Last but not least, turn the cards to the back side and form a set of members in a team. Now turn two cards and check both are of same number or power, then collect the cards, if there is a mismatch in number or power, then turn back to the original position and an give option to the next team.

Like this, the turn goes till the last cards are collected. Now the teams have to check who is having the highest set of cards in their hands. They considered to be the winner of the game. Surprise those tweens with gifts. This is the best tween birthday party ideas.

Dance Party

Kids enjoy dancing. Planning the tweens birthday with a dance party adds more fun. Light up the house with more bulbs and balloons. Invite the tweens friends for the function. Allow them to dance for their favorite songs and music.

Award marks for the best dancer, best step, best song selection. Have fun and fun filled birthday. Award them with marks and surprise gifts. Have fun party games for tweens, make your tweens birthday as most cherishable day.

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