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Analysis and Disability of the Child in Education

Many parents have a question that why does my child do poorly on tests? There are Innumerable reasons for this question. Let’s discuss few in this article.

  1. Learning disability:

All children are born with some talent. Without finding their talent, parents force them to study their area of interest. This makes the student lose interest in that particular subject.

If the tutor or subject teacher is not up to the mark for the student, a child couldn’t follow the teaching of that teacher, leads to poor performance in the test. Few children have normal IQ, Syllabus of today is not easy for low IQ student is a reason of poorly test results in school.

poorly test results in school


  1. Addiction to Gadget:

All children are addicted to gadgets and indoor game activities. This makes their brain to think only to a certain level. Their area of interest gets lose day by day because they are restricted to one room or less number of friends in the apartment or school.

Psychologically this affects the student’s brain and they lose interest in studying, this reasons for poorly test results in school and in board exams.

  1. Emotional Difficulties:

The world is full of science and technology. Today we are living in a competitive world, all parents are working. This has restrictions for the students to survive with the social culture.

Some child can perform well in studies and sports but their social activities and disabilities make them feel uncomfortable with society. They couldn’t reply to normal and emotional problems.

Many children are growing without siblings and they don’t know about social awareness and parents care and full attention towards them. They are not aware of their emotional feelings, likes, and dislikes. These make them stress and do poorly on tests.

  1. Social and Family Stress

Many families brought up their child with a single parent. Student of this kind, face difficulties in school during their school functions and parents meeting. When they see their friends with the parents and they are staying with the single parent create emotion problem and social stress to the child.

They are brought up alone and if they are born as a single child, they don’t have any option to share their social and emotional feelings to anyone. This creates anxiety, psychological problem, stress, loneliness’ and sadness to the child.

The child loses interest in study and activities in the school. This leads to poor performance in the test and life become strange.

Always don’t ask a question why does my child do poorly on tests? Try to find the reasons of poorly test results in school and help them to come out from that difficulty. As a parent everyone has more responsibility in bringing them up with good knowledge and will-power. Be patience, talk to your child and help them to come out from their internal and physical difficulties in the performance of the test. If they have any psychological problems, take them to a good psychiatrist and give proper guidance to perform well on test and exams.

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