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Adoption can be an excellent solution to an unplanned pregnancy. It is an alternative to raising a child when a woman feels unprepared. It also provides a way to choose not to end a life because of a difficult situation. Adoption is conducted very differently now than in years past. The birth mother is empowered to choose the adoptive parents from resumes and interviews. Any degree of involvement in the baby's life can be mutually agreed upon and arranged.

Birth Choice of the Desert is not a licensed adoption agency, however we refer to excellent adoption agencies for planning your choice. There are thousands of couples waiting to welcome a child into their lives. The best way to begin is to contact:

  • Holy Family Services - 800-464-2367
  • Adoption Network - 866-942-3678
  • International Christian Adoption - 951-695-3336
  • Bethany Christian Services - 800-238-4269


Some women have said to us at Birth Choice of the Desert, "I could never give up my baby for adoption. I'd abort before I would do that." We urge them to consider that adoption can accomplish the same goals as abortion. With both adoption and abortion you can:

  • Pursue earlier goals and plans
  • Avoid having to parent prematurely
  • Be free of the financial burdens of parenting
  • Avoid being pressured into a marriage

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